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Improve Your Results with Industry Analysts

Develop a Winning Industry Analyst Strategy with a Top Gartner Analyst 

Are you struggling to achieve success with Gartner, Forrester, and other industry analysts? Is your strategy poorly understood by analysts, or worse, mischaracterized?
Elegant Abstract Background


Deliver a “Mock Briefing” To a Former Gartner Analyst

  • Messaging effectiveness and clarity

  • Market category and positioning

  • Competitive differentiation

  • Product demo clarity and effectiveness

  • Style of engagement and objection handling


SWOT Analysis and a Roadmap for Achieving Success

  • Formulated engagement strategy with goals and milestones

  • Proper meeting cadence to achieve the greatest outcome

  • Strategies to increase chances for inclusion as a “Cool Vendor” or Magic Quadrant

  •  Identify the right analysts to work with and detailed best practices for each analyst

  • Which customer stories to leverage, and how to present

  • Feedback on revised messaging and practice demo sessions

  • Engaging Gartner effectively for business development


Practice Makes Perfect!

  • Deliver new briefing for fine-tuning and ongoing guidance to maximize the outcome

  • Ongoing coaching sessions to incrementally improve success

Spending a lot of time and money with analysts never ensures a positive outcome, you must have the right strategy to engage with the correct analyst and come to the table with the right message.

The companies you are trying to sell to base their purchasing decisions on Gartner’s recommendations.

•    Validation from Gartner impacts your company’s valuation and increases chances for hitting and exceeding your growth targets.
•    Industry validation from leading analysts can also increase your appeal for strategic partnerships and acquisitions from larger vendors.
•    A recent survey found that 92% of respondents said that “analyst reports and reviews influence purchasing decisions


In this strategic engagement, you will meet with and deliver a mock “briefing” with former top-rated Gartner analyst Brad LaPorte to present your company, strategy, and product. Receive a detailed, written analysis of your briefing process and presentation.

The analyst will work closely with you to develop a winning strategy to achieve greater results with Gartner, Forrester, and other key industry analysts.

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